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Give your time. Give your ideas. Give your skills. Be involved and make a difference. Make every single second of what we do valuable, a Sadaqah Jariyah for the people we help around the world.

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Muslim Futures needs YOU.
Be involved and make a difference.

Muslim Futures is 100% volunteer run. There are no salaries! That makes every single second of what we do valuable, a Sadaqah Jariyah for the people we help around the world. To do this, we need some special people – people like YOU.

You could be a baker or bricklayer, a graduate or a gardener, a housewife or a handyman, a solicitor, or a shop-worker. The skills and experience you can bring are essential and invaluable in the work we do.

You can give your time
Spare a few hours each week and volunteer to make a difference. Whatever your age, background, and interests, we have something for everyone to get involved with.

You can give your ideas
Share your great ideas with us and help keep us relevant, on track and interesting!

You can give your skills
Utilise your talents, your skills, and your valuable experience to help others!

From managing the charity and organising events, right through to fundraising and promoting awareness, there are so many ways that you can make a positive impact! Volunteer NOW to save lives.

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TeamBlue is Muslim Futures’ volunteer family.

We're passionate about helping the poor and disadvantaged and doing all we can to transform impoverished communities around the world. Volunteering can be so rewarding, both personally fulfilling and helping you learn new skills whilst meeting new people. Best of all, you get to help those less fortunate! All our volunteers are an active and essential part of Muslim Futures, making a real difference whilst helping to make a difference to someone else’s life. Get involved with,

  • Fund-raising and staying in touch with our donors.
  • Partner and volunteer co-ordination and making it happen.
  • Meeting with the beneficiaries and understanding their needs.
  • Project management and organising the field delivery.
  • Field distribution, monitoring, supervising, and verifying.
  • Organising challenges, events and driving engagement.
  • Creating, running, and managing our online fund-raising channels.
  • Managing our website and social media channels.
  • Helping with the admin and staying on top of the paperwork.
  • Being the person with the ideas and keeping us on our toes!

Whatever you do as a part of TeamBlue you won't be alone.
We'll be there to support you every step of the way.

Give an Iftar for £1.00 each day in Ramadan

Feed an Iftar this Ramadan for just £1.00. Relieve their hunger, quench their thirst and share their blessings. Find out more

Rebuild Homes
in Pakistan 

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Feed the Fasting this Ramadan 

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Eid Gifts for Children

During this Eid, give the gift of happiness and spread joy. Make a Child Smile with an Eid Gift of clothes, shoes, toys and s... Find out more

Where MOST needed

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Turkey & Syria Emergency Appeal

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Food & Hunger

No stomach needs to go hungry. We strive each day to ensure that those who are suffering poverty and hardship can survive tod... Find out more

Disaster & Emergency

Providing essential, responsive, and appropriate emergency relief to people and communities affected by crises, without delay... Find out more

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