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When you give to Where MOST Needed, you help us to provide the very best support to vulnerable and needy families around the world. It allows us to be there. Quickly. Effectively. When it really matters.

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Give to Where MOST Needed.
When it really matters.

At times of need, the shortest route can give the quickest response. That's why we need your kindness to help provide immediate relief to communities devastated by environmental calamity, natural disasters and regional conflicts. And your donations also mean that whilst we respond reactively, we can also plan and implement proactive and lasting impacts, through sustainable developments in the provision of clean water, food, livelihoods, essential healthcare and education. When you give to Where MOST Needed, you can be sure that your donation will reach those who need it the most. It allows us to deliver essential programs that are focused on,

• Regular and sustainable food for those in extreme poverty
• Safe, clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions
• Empowering widows and supporting orphans
• Specialist and urgent healthcare interventions for the most needy
• Providing schooling, support and improving the access to learning
• Ensuring safety and shelter for those displaced by conflict and natural disasters
• Supportive welfare and care packages for struggling and marginalised families
• Sustainable livelihood and income generation projects to help the poor
• Tree-planting, crop cultivation and sustainable farming

From delivering emergency food supplies to Syrian refugee families in Turkey, to providing livelihood enhancement opportunities to marginalised women in Pakistan, your support helps transforms lives every day.

Building on our core values of empathy, generosity and selflessness, we work to make positive, long-lasting improvements to the lives of those who need our help the most. Your giving, helps us work closely with local experts to identify where interventions are MOST needed. From this we can create the solutions that work best for specific communities, based on their needs.

Our most recent Where MOST Needed projects include,

Emergency food, water, blankets and heating provision for the survivors of the earthquake in Turkey.

Hot, cooked food distribution for families affected by the June 2022 earthquake in Paktika province, Afghanistan.

Emergency food ration packs, one-room houses, clothing distribution and hygiene kits in Pakistan's flood-affected areas of southern Punjab.

Thousands of 10kg food-packs and bulk dry staple ration sacks for poor and needy families across Malawi, Bangladesh, Pakistan and in the displacement camps of n India's most deprived state, Bihar.

Livelihoods and income generation scheme with access to micro-finance, for widows in Pakistan.

From winter blankets to water pumps, walking aids to empowering livelihood’s for widows.
Your giving to Where MOST NEEDED impacts lives in positive ways.

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