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Education & Literacy

Support education for future generations. Show confidence in a person's potential and help to create the next generation of leaders, teachers, and change-makers.

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Support Education for future generations.
And help lift a family out of poverty.

Every child deserves a quality education. The key to a brighter future, it offers the chance to learn critical skills, gain knowledge, grow in self-confidence, and escape the brutal cycle of poverty. It unlocks potential, and helps to create the next generation of leaders, doctors, engineers, teachers, and change-makers.

Show confidence in a person’s potential

Muslim Futures works directly and with local partners in,

  • Helping children of all ages and abilities to attend a classroom or a school to access a basic education.
  • Providing fee sponsorship for children, from primary school to university level in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Delivering stationery, textbooks, educational supplies, school bags, uniforms and shoes to children and orphans across 8 countries.
  • Opening access to literacy with basic education to help the illiterate.
  • Improving literacy by filling empty library shelves with books across Africa and Asia.
  • Creating vocational training and skills-based learning programmes to help master a trade.
  • Enabling the poor and vulnerable to access the skills and support to create a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their family.

At Muslim Futures we believe in helping everyone to be educated, to learn, and to grow We make it our mission to help the needy and vulnerable to gain a vital education, develop knowledge and learn much-needed skills. We help them grow their own bright and happy future.

Beat Poverty. Every additional year of education increases a person’s future income by an average of 10%.

Education provides life-changing impacts on generations to come. Within a family and for the wider community.

  • It empowers children and adults alike to become active participants in the transformation of the society in which they live.
  • As a passport to human development, it opens doors and expands opportunities and freedoms.
  • It fosters peace, democracy, and economic growth, improving health and reducing poverty.
  • It reduces child mortality: a child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past age five.
  • It contributes to improved maternal health: women with higher levels of education are more likely to seek health care and support.

Make the biggest difference to a person’s future

Donate and you’ll support us in transforming the future of a person, their family, and the wider community in which they live.

Support some of the most marginalised children in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and Pakistan, where conflict and disaster have destroyed our children’s futures.

Provide knowledge and skills to the poor, vulnerable and displaced and allow them the chance to rebuild their livelihoods and feed their families once again.

Child sponsorship for £40 per month. Supporting their future.
Improve Literacy for £25 per month. Opening doors to learn.
Sponsor a child's entire education for £18 per month
Just £10 per month for a sewing machine, training, materials and support.
Pay for a child's school bag, uniform & shoes for a year for just £7 per month
£6 per month for school textbooks and stationery for a year

All your donations go to those who need it the most, without deducting any administration or marketing costs.
At Muslim Futures, we ensure ALL your donations reach eligible recipients quickly, securely and with respect. You can read more about how we manage Receipts and Feedback here.

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