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Credits & Acknowledgements

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Credits & Acknowledgements.
Where we pay tribute to our collaborators.

Our generous collaborators, helpers, volunteers and partners make it possible for Muslim Futures to exist. Without their support, we simply would not exist.

This page is our humble acknowledgement of thanks. In no particular order, every person, institution or organisation listed has helped us in the Muslim Futures journey. We are grateful and give our endless gratitude to each and every one, for their help, permission or assistance at any time in the past.


Naveed Siddique & Family
Sherzod Karimov
Kashif Amin
Kamran Mughal
Amjaid Rasul & Family
Kamran Shehzad
Shaukat Lal
Muhammad Ilyas
Shahid Siddique & Family
Shahreyaar Khan
Husnain Tariq
Saud Azar Khan
Sohail Asghar
Mustaq Patel
Deep Dhir
Zubair Ahmad
Muhammad Zeeshan Zafar
Aamir Rahim
Mubashir Zahoor & Family

Organisations & Institutions

Getty Images
Dua Governance
Tolo News
Redbridge CVS
University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore
Bajwa Law
Russell-Cooke LLP
The members of Longwood Gardens Community Centre
AGP Consulting
Yaffa Ltd

"Whosoever saves a life .... they have saved the lives of all humankind"  (Quran 5:32)

Group of Syrian refugee children showing the thumbs up with big smiles.

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