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Prosthetic Limb Therapy

Transform a life today and give a needy and vulnerable person the ability to walk again, go to school, or care for their family.

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Lets take a walk together.
And transform a life. 

The smallest of pleasures can be a simple walk with your family, your children, a loved one. It’s something every person should be able to take for granted. Yet worldwide we see an alarming rise in limb disability, amputations, and limb rehabilitation therapy. A growing and aging global population, along with the rising incidence of vascular-related diseases, has led to high amputation rates. Conflict and war, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, have caused high rates of traumatic injury leading to amputations.

Elderly gentleman with a prosthesis after therapy and fitting, sitting in the surgeon's office in the clinic in Chiniot, Pakistan
Transform a life with an adult full lower limb prosthesis for only £690
Father looks on as son getting ready for a lower limb replacement in Yemen.

For those affected, the need for prosthetic and orthotic devices necessary for the simplest of daily tasks like walking, eating, or holding hands with a loved one, becomes ever more necessary and urgent.

Worldwide, access to prosthetic care is limited. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 3540 million people worldwide need prosthetics and orthotics services and the demand is growing. Whilst there is good support for rehabilitation of those needing prosthesis across the western world, it is a sad fact that over 

75% of developing countries do not have prosthetics and orthotics training or clinical programmes in place.

Inevitably this means the poorest and most vulnerable in society suffer the most. A lack of funding, poor medical facilities and limited medical supplies, along with cultural and societal prejudices, are just some of the reasons why.

Help provide a brighter future to adults and children in need, with life-changing healthcare and rehabilitation support.

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Visit our Health & Wellbeing projects to learn about how you can help those in desperate need of medical care and vital healthcare support. We ensure your donations provide life-saving treatment for those who need it the most, along with access to the best clinical services and support on offer.

Young boy in Pakistan, sitting on green chair awaiting his prosthesis fitting.
Transform a life today. Donate Any Amount.
oung boy in Chiniot, Pakistan, getting ready for his prosthesis fitting, with the surgeon that will help him walk again.

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