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What We Do

Working towards a better future. Muslim Futures is a UK-based international relief and development charity working to support the needy and vulnerable and alleviate poverty and hardship.

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Muslim Futures.
Working towards a better future.

Muslim Futures is a UK-based international relief and development charity working to support the needy and vulnerable, and promoting sustainable, economic, and social development by working with local communities, regardless of race, religion, gender, or background.

  • We organise and deliver humanitarian and aid activities to our beneficiaries, wherever they may be.
  • We aim to create and develop initiatives that make sense for the wider community - not just better solutions, but those that are more sustainable, consistent and long-term.
  • We support individuals, communities and grass-roots organisations. 
  • We work to develop and provide better opportunities and experiences for all.
  • We pride ourselves on our personal touch each and every day.

Established in 2010, our aim is to alleviate poverty and hardship, by improving access to essential life-critical services, personal development, and self-empowerment.

Based in East London, Muslim Futures is run by a group of diverse professionals, community workers, and passionate parents. We are organised and led by 3 Trustees who all offer their time and resources voluntarily. We undertake a mix of operational projects by working through partner organisations and local project volunteers across countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Yemen and the UK. We also work across Africa.

What We Do

We strive to ensure that all those suffering poverty and hardship can survive and are empowered to develop and thrive.

Humanitarian & Welfare Relief
We deliver relief services to those in poverty, suffering immediate hardship, or at risk of harm. Our projects are designed to be bespoke to the need, and we also focus on developing our own ability to link relief and rehabilitation with long-term development.
Find out more about our work in Food & Hunger and Disaster & Emergency.

Education & Literacy
We believe in providing everyone with access to education and the advancement of literacy at all levels. Our focus is to enable improved accessibility to education for all, thereby creating opportunity for future generations to break out of the cycle of poverty.
Find out more about our work in Education & Literacy and Community & Dawah.

Health & Well-being

Our health-related programmes save and protect lives. Key priorities of the healthcare projects we support include specific interventions based on beneficiary need, a particular  emphasis on the disabled and children, and a focus on improving accessibility to life-critical services for the poor, needy and vulnerable.
Find out more about our projects in Health & Well-being, and Water & Sanitation.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Our long-term development programmes build independent and brighter futures. We help marginalised communities to live with dignity through restoring livelihood opportunities, improving agriculture productivity, enabling access to micro-finance, improving skills, supporting livelihoods and the creation of new enterprises.
Find out more about our projects in
Welfare & Dignity and Education & Literacy.

We may be one of the smallest charitable relief and development organisations in the UK inspired by the teachings of Islam. Yet we use our size, adaptability, and personality to identify, reach, positively impact, and improve the lives of our beneficiaries. Wherever they may be.

For over 12 years Muslim Futures has been helping people in need around the world.
Our work is both influenced and made possible by our supporters, donors, partners and volunteers. Yet our focus and direction is always driven by the welfare of our beneficiaries.

All your donations go directly to the poor and needy, without deducting ANY administration or marketing costs. This means your kindness ONLY gets used on the projects YOU ask us to.

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