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Fulfill your obligation, make impact and save lives. Giving your Zakat through Muslim Futures supports and empowers some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world.

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Fulfill your obligation and make impact.

After the declaration of faith and prayer, the third pillar of Islam is Zakat. It is a form of alms paid on one’s wealth to those in need. It is paid at a rate of 2.5% on most types of wealth, provided the wealth exceeds a minimum level known as the Nisab. Read more about Zakat here.

When giving your Zakat through Muslim Futures you can be sure that it will be used to support and empower some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world. Our aim is to guarantee that every pound of Zakat paid by you is delivered appropriately - in line with the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah.

True piety is this: to believe in God, and the Last perform the prayer and to pay the zakat.  (Qur’an 2:177)

Your Zakat can do so much. It literally saves lives.

From fruit trees to foodpacks, and emergency relief to educating orphans, your Zakat impacts lives in positive ways.

You can give someone the gift of sight with cataract surgery, provide a family with clean and safe drinking water, give nutritious food to a family, care for an orphan, or give a child access to education.

For over 12 years we have been delivering humanitarian and sustainable aid across the world’s poorest regions, responding to need wherever we find it. Our established aid chain, ground-relief efforts and years of experience will ensure your Zakat goes towards:

  • Helping the needy and vulnerable living in extreme poverty.
  • Supporting widows and the disabled to empower their futures.
  • Developing sustainable livelihood and income generation models to help the needy sustain their families.
  • Providing water and sanitation to those experiencing drought and famine.
  • Delivering emergency medical aid to those caught up in conflict.
  • Providing shelter to displaced people, alone and vulnerable, having fled for their lives.
Empower. Elevate. Create a fair and just society.

Could provide cash grants to zakat-eligible families.


Can feed a refugee family, displaced and vulnerable, for a whole month.


Provides a widow with a sewing machine,14 days vocational training and supplies to start a home business.


Given monthly, restores sight with Cataract Eye surgery for 30 people, including specialist assessments, medication, and Out-Patient care.


Provides a household with fully plumbed water, with hand pump, wash pad, sanitation, hygiene kits and storage container.

See if you are eligible to pay Zakat. Use our easy to follow Zakat Calculator.

The impacts of your Zakat are very powerful, whether it’s to the lives of the poor, your connection with Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, or the purity of your own wealth. Click here to read more about the powerful impacts that your Zakat can make.

All Zakat donations go directly to those eligible, strictly in line with the Qur'an. There is NO deduction made by Muslim Futures as administrators, or of any other costs.
Read more about how we handle Receipts & Feedback and our Supporter Promise.

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