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Committed, Transparent, Accountable and Fair. From receipts to feedback and beyond, our Supporter Promise and our Feedback Pledge lay out our responsibilities to you.

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You make the difference.
We show you how.

Knowing how your donation positively impacts the lives of those most in need, can both fullfill our sense of personal achievement and encourage us to do more. It validates our belief (our 'imaan') and brings us closer to Allah subhanahu wa ta'āla.

Here we show how Muslim Futures engages with its supporters and donors, by issuing receipts, recording activities and providing feedback. You can also check out Our Supporter Promise if you want to know more. Or you can Contact Us with any questions.

Receipts. Everything you need to know.

We have tried to anticipate and cover every possible question regarding receipts here. But if the answer to your question isn't here, please let us know and we will answer it, and then add it here!

  • When making donations of any kind, our first preference is that you always use our website.
  • Direct bank transfers to the Muslim Futures bank account, found here, are free, fast and efficient, and reduce our team’s administrative workload and costs.
  • Donations directly to our bank account should be informed to us by WhatsApp message or SMS Text. Un-recognised transactions can be classed as not known and a receipt will not be issued.
  • For all donors who give directly to Muslim Futures, you will receive a specific receipt for your donation, if you have provided an email address.
  • The minimum information we need to issue a receipt is your full name, and up-to-date email address. But more information is preferred.
  • We only provide emailed receipts. We do not issue paper receipts or post them out, and we cannot send receipts by SMS text or WhatsApp, sorry!
  • If you are able to (and you have not already done so) please confirm the type of donation you are making (Zakat, Lillah, Fidyah, Sadaqah etc), so that we can allocate it correctly. Otherwise it will be allocated as Sadaqah or a General Donation.
  • Regular-giving donors, or those who have set up a regular / continuous giving mandate only recieve one consolidated receipt at the end of the financial year, usually in August.
  • Always remember, if you need a receipt for a specific purpose, such as a tax return, please do contact us and ask for one - we will be happy to oblige.
  • And finally, please do be patient with receipts - during busy periods, such as Ramadan, Qurbani etc, there could be a delay due to the volume of donations we receive and our limited resources. Thank you.

Giving Platforms

  • If you donated to Muslim Futures using a giving platform such as MuslimGiving or Paypal or similar, you will receive an automated receipt from the platform directly, which means you will NOT recieve one from Muslim Futures.
  • Unless of course, you do want a receipt from us, in which case we will issue one to you directly upon request, with the information recieved from the platform, once we have recieved the money.
  • We cannot issue receipts for donations we have not yet recieved into our possession.
  • If you use PayPal directly to make donations, we strongly urge you to use the ‘Family and Friends’ setting in your PayPal account, so that fees are not deducted from your donation.
  • Where a platform has deducted fees or payment processing charges, and we have access to that information, we will always try and show that on the receipt.


Recording our Activities

Part of our commitment to our donors and all of those who support Muslim Futures is our undertaking to work on behalf of the poor and needy from inception through to completion. This includes every tiny detail in the process and is meticulously interrogated and recorded at every step.

But even after completing a project, we continually evaluate, monitor, and understand the impacts of our work on those we help. To do this we maintain records, through discussion and follow-up, images and videos, interviews, and evaluation field visits. Whilst we can’t share everything here, you can always get in touch to talk about any of our work.

Our Feedback Pledge

We will always endeavour to demonstrate specifically and directly to our supporters and donors how their help has been delivered and the impact it has had on the lives of the poor and needy.

  • We will share project feedback usually by WhatsApp message and status updates on +44 7534 608 600. Please connect with it.
  • We can also share feedback by email if we have your email address on file. We will offer images and/or videos to you of key moments of the activity, always respectful and with compassion, showing you how your donation has changed lives.
  • We also share our activities via our social media and professional channels, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • On larger projects we are able to share a short, written report by email to you highlighting the nature, scope, and location of our activity, including some facts and figures.
  • You can always give our team a call to ask about any aspect of the activity, why it was carried out, our processes and methods, the outcomes and what we learnt.
  • You can always get in touch to discuss visiting the location of the project activity or a field deployment on a future project!

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