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Give Water. Save Life.

Across the world over 750 million people lack access to clean water. Help us save lives, by donating today and making fresh, clean water accessible to everyone.

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Help us make clean water accessible to all.
Build a well today and save countless lives.

Across the world over 750 million people lack access to clean water, and at least 2 billion people in the world get their water from contaminated sources.

Dirty drinking water can cause diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and diarrhoea, killing millions of people each year. In many parts of the world, women and children walk for hours across dangerous terrain in search of water. The water they can find is often dirty, carrying disease and not fit for consumption.

Nobody should have to live like this


of water available for consumption in Afghanistan is contaminated, making it the root cause of health problems in the country.


of the Yemeni population do not have access to a clean water supply (ICRC), resulting in the worlds worst Cholera crisis in 2016.


of people in Pakistan do not have access to clean drinking water, with more than one-third having no access to basic sanitation facilities.

Muslim Futures works across communities to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene, including the provision of basic sanitation systems and access to safe drinking water. We have provided hand pumps, large wells, community wells, filtration and RO plants and solar installations across Africa and Asia.

Most recently we supplied and installed 100 electric water pumps into the homes of 100 needy families within the 30 days of Ramadan, bringing water security to over 780 residents in a deprived rural district of Pakistan.

Your donations save lives and regenerates whole communities for generations to come - from promoting good health to meeting everyday essential needs like washing, cooking and raising livestock. Donate today and ensure that no individual has to go without safe, clean water again.

Muslim Futures' water projects are available across 8 countries and cover over 15 types of installation.

If you have a request for a water project but don’t see the option here, please get in touch and we will be happy to provide a range of viable solutions for you.


The best charity is giving water to drink ...and he (the Prophet Mohammad, sallallāhu 'alayhi wa’sallam) was the most generous in giving charity. - as narrated by Ahmad.


All donations go directly to the delivery and installation of your water project, without the deduction of any administration or marketing costs.
At Muslim Futures, we ensure ALL your donations reach eligible recipients quickly, securely and with respect. Read more about how we deal with Receipts and Feedback.

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