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Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery

Transform a life today by supporting Cleft Lip & Palate surgery, Prosthetic Limb therapy and Paediatric Cancer care

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The simplest of gifts is a smile.
Transform a life today. 

More than 150,000 children around the world are born with cleft lips or palate each year. Today, well over one million children in the developing world are left to suffer from untreated clefts, through no fault of their own.

While cleft lips and palates are simple and straightforward to treat across the developed nations. But in the developing world this condition can be far more problematic. It can result in serious health issues, such as dental problems, speech and language difficulties, increased ear infections, hearing problems and even hearing loss.

Yet the prospects of children
and vulnerable babies born with cleft lips or palates, are limited. They are at a greater risk of social exclusion, stigma, and prejudice. Those born with cleft lips and palates are less likely to achieve a proper education, keep a job, or even get married.

Too many vulnerable children suffer from the ongoing effects of untreated cleft lips and palates. Help every child access the life-changing surgery they  deserve.

Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Surgery. Transform the life of a child from £395
Transform a life today. Donate Any Amount.
Make a child smile! Available in Cameroon, Yemen, Tanzania, Palestine, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Provide life-changing healthcare and support to babies, children, and adults ensuring a better quality of life and a brighter future.

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