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Water & Sanitation

Connecting Life with a Future. The people we help with accessible clean water and sanitation solutions are then able to develop and grow their futures, their health, and their livelihoods.

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Our Water & Sanitation projects.
Connecting life with a future.

Muslim Futures is engaged in a mission to connect life with a sustainable future. The people we help with accessible clean water and sanitation solutions are then able to develop and grow their futures, their health, and their livelihoods.

"The best Sadaqah is giving water (to drink)."  - narrated by Ahmad

Your donations save lives and regenerate communities. We work across Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Tanzania, and Yemen, to organise, arrange and deliver,

  • Hand pumps with washing pads
  • Electric pumps with plumbing
  • Water wells in all sizes
  • Deep bore Community wells
  • Simple filtration plants
  • Irrigation tube wells
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants
  • Solar-powered water installations
  • Toilets, washrooms and ablution facilities
  • Household installations and storage containers
  • Filtered water stations and chilled water coolers
  • Water tanker rental and bottled supplies
  • Tanks, piping, and community plumbed installations

We identify, evaluate, and establish the need, and then proceed with organisation, implementation, and handover. Our beneficiaries are families and communities that have no access to water, or to improve sanitation and hygiene, including the provision of basic sanitation systems. We also serve community interests such as mosques, madrasas, and schools as well as the irrigation needs of crops and livestock.

Our work recently included


Filtered water distribution points and RO plants, as well as over 100 water hand pumps and community wells are scheduled for installation during 2023.


Delivered over 30 water hand pumps, large wells, and community wells across some of the world’s most deprived rural areas in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tanzania.


Supplied and installed over 100 electric water pumps into the homes of needy families within 30 days, bringing water security to over 780 residents in a deprived rural district of Pakistan.

Make the biggest difference to a life

Donate and you’ll support us in transforming communities struggling with extreme water shortages or contamination as well as those whose water supply has been decimated by disease, conflict, or environmental disaster.

Support some of the most marginalised people; help us to install toilets, latrines, and wells to help the Yemeni people, the Afghanis, the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, or the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Provide comfort to those suffering in the harshest environments and the most deprived communities where natural resources do not exist to relieve the heat and quench the thirst; water coolers and bottled water, storage containers and tanker supplies, ablution facilities and washrooms are needed across every country.

Transparent. Collaborative. Inclusive. We add in the Gift Aid reclaimed. We don't deduct any administration costs. 100% delivered to the project.
You get Receipts and Feedback with every Water and Sanitation project.

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