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Spread goodness. Ease hardship. Please Allah. The best charity is that given by one who has little. Support Muslim Futures and help us to transform people’s lives for the better.

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Support Muslim Futures.
Give a little. Change a lot.

Lillah is any form of charity given purely with the intent to please Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala. However, this type of charity is given on an entirely voluntary basis and not like Zakat which is an obligatory charity due from every eligible Muslim on a yearly basis.

O you who believe, spend of the wealth We have bestowed upon you (in Allah’s way), before the Day comes when there shall be no buying and no selling; when neither friendship nor intercession will be of any avail.  (Qur'an 2:254)

Lillah may be given at any time, for any reason at all; to bring blessings to special occasions or as a sign of gratitude to Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala. Giving Lillah pleases Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, so please give generously and give sincerely.


per month, helps contribute towards Muslim Futures’ running costs


pays for a large family’s personal health and welfare, with a month’s supply of household, hygiene, and dignity products


supports necessary medical and healthcare support for children in Palestine and Yemen


provides a hungry family of 7 in Yemen with enough bread to feed themselves for 3 months


Supports the education of a child in Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, or Yemen for a whole year

Maintain our 100% Donation Policy with your Lillah.
Support Muslim Futures’ running costs.

Importantly, you can also support our Volunteers and Trustees, and help Muslim Futures maintain its 100% Donations Policy. By donating Lillah to Muslim Futures, you can help us pay for the administrative costs related to running Muslim Futures. These include delivering and implementing projects, bank transfer fees and keeping our website running.

Your Lillah allows us to use all your donations ONLY for their original intended purpose in addition to the Gift Aid we collect. This means for each £1.00 donated we can then use the additional 25 pence collected in Gift Aid to go towards the project you have selected!

Whats the difference between Lillah and other forms of Islamic charity?

Unlike Zakat, which has a number of stipulations regarding the type of help it can provide and to whom, Lillah can be used for any project or programme which is of benefit to the community, whether individuals or Islamic institutions. And whilst there are several different types of Sadaqah such as Fidyah and Kaffarah, Lillah is a voluntary type of Sadaqah charity with few limitations, no minimum amount and greater flexibility in who can receive money or help. Spread goodness. Ease hardship. Please Allah. Help us to transform people’s lives for the better.

All Lillah donations contribute to the valuable work that Muslim Futures undertakes, including supporting the poor and needy with short-term aid, sustainable long-term solutions, and where needed, the costs related to running the charity.

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