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Qurbani in years gone by.

A snapshot of Qurbani distribution activities carried out by Muslim Futures, on behalf of our amazing supporters.

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The essence of Qurbani is our intention ...
Its action, given on trust ... is our obligation.

Each year, Al'hamdu'lillah, the sacred month of Dhul-Hijjah presents us with another chance to deliver your trust, your Amanah, for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta'āla.

Here, we provide a snapshot in numbers of Qurbani activities carried out by Muslim Futures and our incredible teams over the years. Please feel free to browse and get in touch if you need any further information!

Last year in 2023, (1444 AH),

Muslim Futures provided meat from 172 shares ( that's 123 small animals and 7 large animals) producing over 2,855kg of meat, to nearly 8,550 people in over 1,420 households - enough for 28,550 meals. Across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Uganda and Yemen.


Muslim Futures provided meat from 227 shares ( that's 206 small animals and 3 large animals) producing over 4,540kg of meat, to over 9,000 people in over 1,815 households - enough for over 45,400 meals. Across Afghanistan, Cameroon, Chad, Palestine and Yemen.


Muslim Futures provided meat from 100 shares ( that's 65 small animals and 5 large animals) producing over 1,980kg of meat, to nearly 4,000 people in over 660 households - enough for 19,800 meals. Across Cameroon, Central African Republic, Palestine and Tanzania.


Muslim Futures provided meat from 91 shares ( that's 14 small animals and 11 large animals) producing over 1,420kg of meat, to nearly 4,260 people in over 710 households, and enough for 14,200 meals. Across Cameroon, Palestine and Tanzania.


Muslim Futures provided meat from 57 shares ( that's 1 small animal and 8 large animals) totaling over 985kg of meat, to nearly 1,750 people in over 320 households, and enough for 9,850 meals, in Palestine and Tanzania.

Your Qurbani offers families in need, a nourishing meal.
Jazak'Allah Khair, for showing them your kindness.

Below are some recipients of your kindness from last year;

A boy in Gaza, Palestine receives his family's Eid ul-Adha Qurbani meat from Muslim Futures, in 2022, and holds it aloft
Boy holding bag of Qurbani meat in Gaza, Palestine, 2022
Smiling girl in pink dress in Gaza recieving a qurbani meat pack from Muslim Futures in Gaza, Palestine, 2022.

It is neither their meat, nor their blood that will reach Allah; but what reaches Him is piety from you  Quran (22:37)

Your Qurbani always helps vulnerable and needy families, orphaned children, widowed mothers and sisters and others who are victims of extreme poverty across many countries.

All Qurbani donations include the cost of the animal, it's inspection and selection, transportation, storage, slaughter, butchering, packing and distribution to the hungry families.
At Muslim Futures, we ensure your donations reach eligible recipients quickly, securely and with respect. You can read more about our Supporter Promise here.


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