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Health & Wellbeing

From surgery to support and treatment to therapy, we provide life-changing medical aid, healthcare and well-being support to vulnerable people in need.

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Our Health & Wellbeing projects.
Save and protect lives.

Sickness, ill health, and disease can completely change a person’s life. Poor health makes simple, everyday tasks like providing for your family and attending school difficult, or even impossible. Strength changes to weakness. Independence changes to dependence. The need for compassionate, loving care becomes more acute than ever.

Our health-related programmes save and protect lives. Key priorities include specific interventions based on beneficiary need, with a particular emphasis on the disabled and children, and a focus on improving accessibility to life-critical services for the poor, needy and vulnerable. Muslim Futures helps to facilitate and deliver life-changing work in,

  • Restoring sight through out-patient eye clinics
  • Cataract Eye surgery
  • Prosthetic limb replacement therapy
  • Children’s cancer treatments
  • Cleft lip and palate surgery
  • Support and services for new mothers
  • Malnutrition packs for the young and new-born
  • Work-related injury support for fathers
  • Hygiene kits and dignity packs
  • Ambulance services for the poor and needy
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene installations
  • Medical camps and health clinics

Our volunteers are working relentlessly to open the doors to essential healthcare services and medical supplies to those who need it the most.

Show compassion. Give the gift of good health.

Our work across Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Tanzania, and Yemen has recently included


Hygiene and dignity packs delivered to needy individuals and families since 2017 across refugee and displaced communities


People with long-term sight conditions assessed and treated in Out-Patient Department clinics


Pairs of eyeglasses distributed to the poor and needy after individual assessment and prescription support


Life-changing eye cataract removal surgeries completed to give the gift of sight to a visually impaired person


Ambulances with first-responder paramedics delivered to rural locations in Pakistan supporting the poor with A&E services


Prosthetic limb replacement therapy and rehabilitation programmes delivered to poor and needy children and adults across the Middle East


Years of financial support, everyday aids and healthcare needs to wheelchair-bound children and adults facing a lifetime of disability


Surgeries completed to successfully treat young children with cleft lip and palate, providing a smile, dignity, and a brighter future


Years of saving lives of innocent children at 2 cancer hospitals by providing medication, therapy, and rehabilitation in Palestine

Make the biggest difference to a life

Donate and you’ll support us in transforming the health and wellbeing of communities struggling to reach life-changing health and medical services, where distance, lack of accessibility and endemic poverty make treatment impossible.

Support some of the most marginalised people; help us to deliver emergency medical camps and regular healthcare clinics to help the Yemeni people, the Afghanis, the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, or the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Provide comfort and relief in the harshest environments and to the most deprived communities with hygiene kits, personal dignity packs and household-level solutions to support mental and physical wellbeing.

Mother & Baby support costs just £195 for 3 months in Yemen
Give the gift of sight today with £49 for 1 Cataract Eye Surgery.
£18 for 1 family Hygiene Kit. Health Matters. Stay Safe.

All your donations go directly to the poor and needy, without the deduction of any administration or marketing costs.
At Muslim Futures, we ensure ALL your donations reach eligible recipients quickly, securely and with respect. Read more about Receipts and Feedback.

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