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Disaster & Emergency

Providing essential, responsive, and appropriate emergency relief to people and communities affected by crises, without delay.

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Responding to disasters and emergencies.
By providing essential relief without delay.

Muslim Futures battles every day to address the root causes of poverty through sustainable, empowering projects. But we also recognise the importance of providing essential relief to communities affected by crises, by responding to disasters and emergencies without delay.

We do this for those most in need, by sending vital, often lifesaving aid and assistance to vulnerable, disadvantaged people around the world. Supporting orphans, families, vulnerable children and adults, our work aims to support those who are suffering because of ongoing conflict and natural disasters.

Whether it’s family food packs, emergency shelters, essential medical supplies, access to an education or the means to work towards a better future, your generosity means that we can continue to provide the assistance these people desperately need.

THANK YOU. For your ongoing support and compassion, as we reach out to countless individuals and families, the sick, disabled, homeless, widowed and orphaned, through our emergency appeals each and every year.

We are currently providing essential emergency aid in

Palestine & Gaza

Emergency relief, food aid and food-packs, water, shelter and warmth, medical aid, children’s health support


Emergency relief, Cooked food, water, hygiene kits


Emergency relief, food aid, water, blankets


Syrian refugees

Emergency food aid, food-packs, water, blankets, shelter

Cooked food distribution, food-packs, hygiene kits


Emergency food aid, food-packs, bread supplies, hygiene kits, malnutrition packs, education support


Emergency food-packs, medical aid, clothing, hygiene kits, dignity packs, shelter, cash grants

Even the smallest contribution has the power to change a life

All your donations go directly to the poor and needy, without the deduction of any administration or marketing costs.
At Muslim Futures, we ensure ALL your donations reach eligible recipients quickly, securely and with respect.

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