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Winter Warmth Appeal

Share good quality, used clothes with those who need it more. Show your love and kindness to the needy. From your home to theirs.

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Put your unwanted clothes to good use.
Drop-off between 4th - 18th September 2023.


Al'hamdu'lillah. Comfort at Home is one of the most popular ways our supporters help those in need. It helps us share our good quality, but unwanted, or unused clothes and shoes with those who really need it.

By re-using and re-distributing the items that we no longer need or use in our own homes, Muslim Futures helps needy families to benefit from your donations-in-kind, maintaining dignity and honour. We don’t believe in landfill, and we DO NOT sell your items on.



Good quality, undamaged, CLEAN, LAUNDERED clothes and shoes for men, women and children, including toddlers.


Winter wear, boots and warm outer garments including coats, hats, scarfs and shawls in good clean condition.


Traditional and culturally appropriate stitched clothing for day-to-day use, including burqa's, niqab's and shalwar kameez garments.

Please READ our Terms below, before donating.
Insha'Allah, our campaigns can only continue with your help!

Please offer a monetary donation to cover the costs of transport, logistics and onward distribution to the recipients. It costs Muslim Futures £1.50 per kg to send 1 kg of donations. Please do offer what you can afford to help us with these costs. Our voluntary donation request is £1 for each kg of items that you donate.

DEADLINE : 5pm on Monday 18th September.
We CANNOT accept any donations after this time.

General Terms and Conditions.

Because we work directly with the beneficiaries that receive your items, we maintain very careful procedures and high standards in all our collections. There are many things we can accept when taking your kind donations. And a few that we can't. Please Contact Us to find out more if the below points need clarifying;

  • Please BOOK YOUR DROP-OFF SLOT in advance, by WhatsApp or phone call to 07534 608 600. You can also send an email with your contact number for us to call you, or a message using the Contact Us page on the website.
  • Our drop-off location is in north Ilford, in Barkingside, IG6. Full address details will be provided upon booking.
  • You may also be requested to share pictures of your donation / quantity of items, to ensure we are able to accept it.
  • Please ONLY send the items listed above in the bullet points. We will not be able to accept any other items at this time.
  • Please make sure your donations are undamaged, unstained, with no rips, tears or excessive wear and tear. Only donate those items that you would use yourselves.
  • All donations dropped off must be securely boxed or bagged.
  • We DO NOT have facilities to recycle or take unwanted items for disposal and reserve the right to open all bags and boxes when you drop them off to ensure suitability.
  • Any unsuitable donations will respectfully be returned to you. 
  • We DO NOT accept used under-garments or personal garments, unless they are new, un-opened and unused.

Season-Specific Terms and Conditions.

As a small, family-run charity we unfortunately do not have the resources to handle and sort large volumes of donated items, and we do not have storage facilities to hold items beyond shipment. Therefore we would ask that you please follow the below instructions.

  • Please drop-off only items requested for that season and please do not mix seasons in your donated items.
  • We collect winter clothes from April to September.
  • We collect summer clothes October to March.
  • We do not take any unstitched cloth, fabric, sheets, bedding or similar soft furnishings or household items.
  • Open shoes, sandals and slippers will not be accepted in winter appeals.
  • Outerwear (such as coats, hats, scarves and gloves) and knitwear (such as jerseys, sweaters etc) will not be accepted in summer collections.
  • Dresses, shoes and accessories may only be accepted based on cultural norms of the intended distribution location.
  • Small haircare items, make-up compacts, costume jewellery, hand-bags and accessories may be accepted if in good condition.
  • All items must be suitable and appropriate for the intended distribution country, for the coming season.

Remember. If you don't wear it. Donate it.

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