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Pakistan Floods 2022

Save lives, prevent suffering, rebuild, restore, rehabilitate. Give emergency food, clean water, warm clothing, and shelter. Help us to relieve their distress in their time of greatest need.

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The Pakistan Project
Rescue. Relief. Rebuild. Rehabilitate.

The floods that devastated Pakistan in 2022 have shattered communities, and left families homeless and in desperate need. More than 33 million people have been affected, with over a third of the country submerged. Homes destroyed and livelihoods decimated. Thousands of people have died and been displaced, crops and livestock washed away.

Muslim Futures has been working tirelessly to provide relief to those affected in the worst hit areas, from the northern valleys of Swat to the flood plains of southern Punjab and northern Sindh. With winter offering no respite to the millions affected, families are fighting for survival against hunger, disease, and the freezing conditions. We have already provided essential, life-saving aid to those affected, and thanks to your support, we continue to help thousands of people.

With the blessings of Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla, you can help prevent further suffering and save lives by continuing to provide food, water, hygiene kits, warm clothes and blankets, and shelter.

Help to relieve distress at their time of greatest need.


Buys a double blanket and warm clothing essentials such as socks, jumper, woolly hat, and gloves for one person, or £75 for a family of 5.


Will pay for a 32kg food ration pack to a displaced, vulnerable family, providing much needed nutrition for a full month.


Provides a sturdy, weatherproof tent for shelter and warmth to a whole family whose home has been destroyed and washed away.

We can also customise bespoke solutions to help the flood-affected communities of Pakistan, based on your budget. 

For just £1,490 you can build a permanent, solidly constructed home for an entire family, consisting of a large living space and a kitchen. Or you can contribute whatever you can, and together, we can Rebuild Pakistan.


Provides a flood affected family with a Winter Survival Kit, blankets, warm clothes and 3 months’ supply of food ration packs and fuel.


Provides a family with a permanent, solidly constructed 170sqft home with electric supply and built to withstand future calamity.


Allows a large family to build a permanent 20’x40’ 3-room home, with bathroom, kitchen, boundary walls, gate, water and electric supply.

Help rebuild Pakistan. One home at a time.

Help Rebuild a house with a 50% share for £745. Delivered in 4 months, it includes labour, materials, logistics, electricity supply, kitchen and furniture.
The Pakistan Project. Rescue. Relief. Restore with £250. Rehabilitate.
Help Rebuild a house with a 25% share for £373. Delivered in 4 months, it includes labour, materials, logistics, electricity supply, kitchen and furniture.

All donations go directly to the implementation of the project, without deducting ANY administration or marketing costs.
At Muslim Futures, we ensure ALL your donations reach eligible recipients quickly, securely and with respect. Read more about how we deal with Receipts and Feedback.

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